Build reliable multi‑platform apps effortlessly.

Fabulous empowers you to create amazing and reliable apps with ease by unleashing the power of declarative UI and functional programming.

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Declarative UI

Expressive, flexible, and maintainable views

Describe how your app should look rather than the steps required to create it.
Fabulous will make sure your users always see the latest state of your app.


Simple and robust architecture

MVU makes it easier to reason about the behavior of your application by separating the state and logic from the UI representation.

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Diagram of the Model-View-Update pattern

Functional programming

A great paradigm for building apps

The state of the app can change frequently and rapidly due to user interactions and events.
F# can help manage this complexity by making it clear how the state changes and making it easier to test the different states.

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Great ecosystem

Powered by .NET

.NET is a mature and wildly adopted ecosystem. It provides a wide range of tools and frameworks, as well as a large and active community that provides support and resources.

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Built in the open

Join the Fabulous community

Started in 2018 in the F# Community Incubation Space, Fabulous has been open source since the beginning and is always looking for new contributors.

Did you find an issue, have a feature request, or want to participate to the future of Fabulous? Head to our GitHub repository.

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Sponsoring & Services

Support Fabulous

Fabulous is not a commercial product and is being built on the free time of everyone involved.

If you are a company using Fabulous or simply want to support all the efforts going into Fabulous, you can sponsor us via the GitHub Sponsors program.

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Looking for support? We can provide you with paid services to help you build your apps.

Commercial support

Choose your own adventure

Fabulous brings declarative UI and functional programming to existing .NET UI frameworks.

You can choose the one that fits your needs best.

Build reliable multi-platform apps with Fabulous